About Us

Felsner Artists is a provider of professional services for distinguished artists in classical music.

The organization was founded in 2020 as a result of the transformational impact of the pandemic on classical music performance. At a time when the service needs of many of the world's greatest artists are undergoing profound fundamental change, Felsner Artists provides a unique service to an exclusive group of outstanding artists, both exceptionally gifted young talent and legendary classical musicians. The company also offers services for directors and top-level artistic management, opera companies, orchestras, festivals, record labels, and related media organizations.

Felsner Artists draws on a set of skills that is unusual for the arts. Team members share years of leadership experience with global artist management organizations, working closely with many of the world's greatest institutions in classical music, and have held senior management positions for private business organizations and professional services in the areas of law, finance and strategic advisory services for private wealth, non-profit organizations and global industrial leaders.